How to Use a WIC Check

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WIC Check

Follow the steps below in the order they appear.

1) Make sure your name is listed under the signature line. Only the names listed can use the WIC check at the store. Contact your local WIC agency if someone else needs to use the WIC check.

2) Check the dates.

a. Make sure today's date is the same as or after the "Do not use before this date" and
b. before or the same as the "Do not use after this date" printed in the upper right hand corner of the check.

3) Choose the items you want to buy from the "Authorized Food" list on the WIC check.

a. You do not have to buy all the items listed on the check.
b. Never accept a rain check-if a store offers you a rain check, report the store to your local WIC agency.
c. If the store is out of the item you need, try another WIC store.

4) Refer to the WIC approved foods section of this booklet for details about brands, sizes, types and flavors.

a. You must buy the least expensive brand of milk, cheese, eggs, dry beans/peas, and infant cereal. Least expensive is defined as least expensive brand on the shelf at the time of purchase.
b. Remember that as long as the size is correct: container = bottle = can = box.

5) Group WIC foods together according to what is listed on each check. Keep WIC foods separate from any other foods you may buy.

6) After scanning your items, the cashier will write in the total dollar amount of your WIC foods and their initials.

7) The cashier will hand the check back for you to sign and date. Never sign or date a WIC check before the "Actual Purchase Amt" has been filled in.

8) Show the cashier your ID.