Policy and Procedure Manual

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Table of Contents


  Glossary    Revised October 2018


  Eligibility Overview CRT 01.00.00
    Categorical Eligibility CRT 01.01.00 
    Certification Periods CRT 01.02.00 New
      Change in Certification Periods CRT 01.02.01 
      Thirty-Day Temporary Certification Period CRT 01.02.02 Revised October 2018
  Processing Standards CRT 02.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Certification Visit CRT 03.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Exceptions to Being Physically Present CRT 03.01.00 New
    Client's Rights & Responsibilities CRT 03.02.00 
    Certification & Recertification Appointments CRT 03.03.00 Revised October 2018
    Mid-Certification Appointments CRT 03.04.00 New
    Presumptive Eligibility Appointments for Pregnant Women CRT 03.05.00 New
    Late & Missed Appointments CRT 03.07.00 New
    Definition of Caregiver CRT 03.08.00 
  Proof of Identity CRT 04.00.00 New
  Residential Eligibility and Proofs CRT 05.00.00 New
    Homeless Clients CRT 05.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Homeless Facility or Institution CRT 05.01.01
  Income Eligibility CRT 06.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Income Eligibility Chart CRT 06.01.00 Revised October 2018
      Adjunctive Eligibility CRT 06.01.01  
      Income Exclusions When Determining Eligibility CRT 06.01.02  
    Determining Size of Household CRT 06.02.00 Revised October 2018
      Determining Household Income CRT 06.02.01  
      Zero Income CRT 06.02.02 
    Proof of Income CRT 06.03.00 
    Redetermination of Income CRT 06.04.00  
  Nutrition Eligibility CRT 07.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Anthropometric Risk CRT 07.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Hematological Risk CRT 07.02.00 
      Anemia CRT 07.02.01 
      Blood Lead CRT 07.02.02  
    Dietary Risk CRT 07.03.00 
    Other Risk CRT 07.04.00 
  Coordination of Services and Referral System CRT 08.00.00 
    Immunizations CRT 08.01.00 
      Interface between the Kansas Immunization Registry and KWIC CRT 08.01.01 
    Medical and Social Service Referrals CRT 08.02.00 
    Drug and Substance Abuse Referrals CRT 08.03.00 
    Breastfeeding Referrals CRT 08.04.00
  Ineligibility CRT 09.00.00 
    Termination from the WIC Program CRT 09.01.00 Revised October 2018
      Income Eligibility Redetermination CRT 09.01.01 
  Transfer to and from Other Agencies-Overview CRT 10.00.00
    Instate Transfer CRT 10.01.00 New
    WIC Out-Of-State Transfer Card Issuance CRT 10.02.00 Revised October 2018
    WIC Out of State Transfer Card Acceptance CRT 10.03.00 Revised October 2018
    WIC Overseas Program CRT 10.04.00 Revised October 2018
    Transfer Using a Noncontract or Special Formula CRT 10.05.00 


  Approved Foods FCI 01.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Allowable Food Selection Process and Product Requirements FCI 01.01.00 Revised October 2018
  Food Packages FCI 02.00.00 
      Proration of Food Packages FCI 02.00.01 New
    Food Packages for Infants FCI 02.01.00 Revised October 2018
      Infant Food Packages-Breastfeeding Infant FCI 02.01.01 Effective 1/29/19
      Infant Food Packages-Primary Contract Infant Formula FCI 02.01.02 Effective 1/29/19
      Infant Food Packages-Non-Contract Infant Formula FCI 02.01.03 
      Infant Food Packages-Low Iron Infant Formula FCI 02.01.04 
      Infant Food Packages-Special Formula FCI 02.01.05 Revised October 2018
    Food Packages for Children FCI 02.02.00 Revised October 2018
      Child Food Package-WIC Eligible Nutritionals (Medical Foods FCI 02.02.01 Effective 1/29/19
    Women Food Packages FCI 02.03.00 
      Food Packages for Pregnant Women FCI 02.03.01 Revised October 2018
      Food Packages for Breastfeeding Women FCI 02.03.02 Revised October 2018
      Food Packages for Postpartum Women (Non-breastfeeding) FCI 02.03.03 Revised October 2018
      Women Food Packages-Special Formula FCI 02.03.04 Revised October 2018
    Tailoring a Food Package FCI 02.04.00 Revised October 2018
    Tailoring a Food Package FCI 02.04.00 Revised October 2018
    Documentation and Use of Returned Formula FCI 02.05.00 New
    Direct Shipments of Specialized Formulas FCI 02.06.00 New
  Card and Benefit Issuance FCI 04.00.00 New
    Client Instruction on Use of the eWIC Card FCI 04.01.00 New
    Voiding and Replacing Benefits FCI 04.04.00 New
    Damaged, Lost or Stolen eWIC Cards FCI 04.05.00 New
    Mailing eWIC Cards FCI 04.07.00 New
    Issuing Food Benefits without Caregiver Present FCI 04.08.00 New


  Nutrition Education Overview NED 01.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Nutrition Education Contact NED 02.00.00 New
    Nutrition Education Contacts-Certifications NED 02.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Nutrition Education Contact, Second, Low Risk NED 02.02.00 Revised October 2018
      Completing Low Risk Secondary Nutrition Education and Issuing Food Benefits without a Caregiver/Adult Client Present NED 02.02.01 New
    Nutrition Education Contact, Second High Risk NED 02.03.00 Revised October 2018
    Nutrition Education - Use of Trigger Topic NED 02.04.00 Revised October 2018
  Nutrition Education Methods NED 03.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Nutrition Education-Individual Counseling NED 03.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Nutrition Education Group NED 03.02.00 Revised October 2018
    Nutrition Education Self Study NED 03.03.00 Revised October 2018
      Nutrition Education Lesson Plans NED 03.03.01 Revised October 2018
    Evaluation of Nutrition Education Materials NED 03.04.00  
  Coordinating Nutrition Services NED 04.00.00 
  Breastfeeding Promotion and Support NED 05.00.00 
    Staffing for Breastfeeding Promotion and Support NED 05.01.00 
    Breastfeeding Education NED 05.02.00 
    Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program NED 05.03.00  
    Breastfeeding Equipment NED 05.04.00  
      Manual Breast Pumps NED 05.04.01 
      Multi-User Electric Breast Pumps NED 05.04.02 Revised October 2018
      Single User Electric Breast Pumps NED 05.04.03 
  Breastfeeding Contraindications NED 06.00.00  
  Nutrition Education Committee NED 07.00.00  


  Civil Rights Compliance PRI 01.00.00
    Civil Rights Public Notification PRI 01.01.00  
    Civil Rights Complaints PRI 01.02.00  
    Non-Civil Rights Complaints PRI 01.03.00 
    Civil Rights Training PRI 01.04.00 
  Program Abuse and Sanctions PRI 02.00.00 New
    Dual Participation PRI 02.01.00  
    Collection of Improperly Issued Benefits PRI 02.02.00 New
  Fair Hearings PRI 03.00.00 
    Fair Hearing - Request & Procedures PRI 03.01.00 
      Local Agency Fair Hearing - Request & Procedures PRI 03.01.01 
    Denial of Fair Hearing Request PRI 03.02.00
  Confidentiality of WIC Program Information PRI 04.00.00  
  Conflict of Interest PRI 06.00.00 
    Separation of Duties PRI 06.01.00 
  Local Agency Repayment of Funds to State WIC Office PRI 07.00.00 


  Local Agency Vendor Overview VEN 01.00.00 
    Local Agency Vendor Files VEN 01.01.00 
  Authorization Process for New Vendors VEN 02.00.00 New
    Vendor Evaluation and Selection Criteria VEN 02.01.00 
    Evaluation of New Vendors VEN 02.02.00 New
      Kansas County Designation VEN 02.02.01  
    Minimum Stock Requirements VEN 02.03.00 
    Vendor Confidentiality VEN 02.05.00 
  Change of Ownership VEN 03.00.00 New
    Vendor Closings VEN 03.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Vendor Name Change VEN 03.02.00 
    Vendor Relocation VEN 03.03.00 Revised October 2018
  Vendor Contracts VEN 04.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Vendor Training VEN 05.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Vendor Monitoring VEN 06.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Vendor Related Complaints VEN 07.00.00 
  Vendor Sanction System VEN 08.00.00 Revised October 2018
      Vendor Sanction System - Federal Mandated Violations VEN 08.00.01 
    Vendor Administrative Review VEN 08.01.00 Revised October 2018
  Compliance Buys VEN 09.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Identifying High Risk Vendors VEN 10.00.00 
  Vendor Peer Group System VEN 11.00.00 
  WIC Check and Fruit and Vegetable Check Reimbursement VEN 12.00.00 
  Client Access VEN 13.00.00 


  WIC Local Agencies ADM 01.00.00
    Application Process for New Local Agency ADM 01.01.00  
    Application Process for Existing Local Agency ADM 01.02.00  
    Caseload Management ADM 01.03.00
      Client Waiting List ADM 01.03.01 New
      Access to WIC Services ADM 01.03.02 
      Outreach ADM 01.03.03  
      Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Operation ADM 01.04.00 
  Local Agency Funding Principles Overview ADM 02.00.00 
    Local Agency Allocations and Participation ADM 02.01.00 
    Annual Budgets ADM 02.02.00 Revised October 2018
      Building Cost Allocation ADM 02.02.01
    Affidavit of Expenditures ADM 02.03.00 Revised October 2018;
      Allowable Costs ADM 02.03.01 
      Unallowable Costs ADM 02.03.02 
      Local Agency Time and Effort Reporting ADM 02.03.03 
      Closeout Affidavits ADM 02.03.04 
      Local Agency General Purchases ADM 02.03.05 Revised October 2018
      Equipment Inventory ADM 02.03.06  
      Disposal, Transfer and Deletion of Equipment ADM 02.03.07  
  Financial Audit Requirements ADM 03.00.00 
    Record Retention Requirements ADM 03.01.00 
  Nutrition Services Plan ADM 04.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Client Feedback ADM 04.01.00 
  Local Agency Management Evaluations ADM 05.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Site Visits ADM 05.01.00  
  Local Agency Clinic Self Monitoring ADM 05.00.00 
  Voter Registration ADM 06.00.00 Revised October 2018
    KWIC Manual Backup ADM 07.01.01 New
  KWIC Security ADM 07.02.00 New
    KWIC Staff Access Roles ADM 07.02.01 New
    Verifying Client/Caregiver Identity Prior to Action ADM 07.02.02 Revised October 2018
  Maintain Clinic Information ADM 07.03.00 Revised October 2018
  KWIC Equipment Purchase, Warranty and Repair ADM 07.05.00 Revised October 2018
  KWIC Internet Service ADM 07.06.00 
  Card Supply ADM 07.08.00 Revised October 2018
  Local Agency Created Forms ADM 08.00.00 
  WIC Advisory Committee ADM 09.00.00 Revised October 2018
  Job Responsibilities - Overview ADM 10.00.00
    General Staff Responsibilities CPA and Non CPA ADM 10.01.00 New
    WIC Coordinator ADM 10.02.00 
    Breastfeeding Coordinator ADM 10.03.00  
    Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Supervisor ADM 10.03.01 
    Nutrition Services Coordinator Job Responsibilities ADM 10.04.00 New
    Civil Rights Coordinator ADM 10.05.00 
    Local Vendor Contact Job Description ADM 10.06.00 Revised October 2018
    Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Job Responsibilities ADM 10.07.00 
  Local Agency Staff Training - New Employees ADM 11.00.00 Revised October 2018
    Local Agency Staff Training - Ongoing Training ADM 11.01.00 Revised October 2018
    Financial Support for Local Agency On-Going Training ADM 11.02.00 Revised October 2018
  Capital Expenditures over $5,000 ADM 12.00.00  
  Vehicle Purchasing ADM 13.00.00