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Save the Date: 2019 Kansas WIC Statewide Conference

Save the date for the 2019 Kansas WIC Statewide Conference to be held April 30-May 1, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan, KS. All LA staff are encouraged to attend, but all clinics are required to send at least one person as specified in ADM 11.01.00.  Please see 2019 budget guidance to include travel funds. Lodging and registration details will be provided this fall.

WIC New Employee Breastfeeding Training

WIC Employee Training

Completion Sheets

Modules are listed in order required for the KWIC security clearance level listed below.

The supervisor assessing completion of the modules should be in a position to directly evaluate completion. File this Completion Sheet according to Local Agency procedures. These sheets will be reviewed by the state Management Evaluation team. The supervisor may contact the SA to initiate KWIC security access. Use or 785-296-1320.

After Level 1 training is complete, please send the request for security clearance to  with the following information:

  • Name: ___________
    New employee’s first and last name (spelled as desired in the KWIC system)
  • Clinic/Agency Name: _____________
    Name of all WIC clinics
  • Is the employee new? _____ Is the employee a current employee needing additional KWIC access? _____ Has the employee previously had KWIC clearance? _____
  • Requested Security Clearance: __________ KWIC security status desired (See ADM 07.02.01 KWIC User Security for information about determining appropriate KWIC security status—options include Receptionist, Clerk, RN, RD, KWIC Administrator, Local Agency Vendor Manager, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor)
  • Did employee complete Level 1 Training for the Security Clearance(s) requested? _________
  • Supervisor Name: _______ Supervisor Phone: ________ Supervisor Email: _______
    First and last name, phone, and email address of the new employee’s supervisor submitting the request.

Training Modules

Click on the the links below for further instruction on training.

Additional Training Resources

Kansas Baby Behavior Campaign

Civil Rights


Nutrition Services Coordinator Responsibilities

KWIC Flowsheet Training

Instructions for Using Equipment Inventory in KWIC

Effective Nutrition Education

2012 WHO Growth Chart Training Webinar


Infant Formula Information


Public Health Nutrition Certificate of Training

  • Public Health Nutrition Certificate of Training – Provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy) and planned with the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN). The Public Health Nutrition Certificate of Training consists of five 2-hour modules that provide fundamental information relevant to public health nutrition, ideal for new WIC registered dietitians.